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With a high level of real estate sales experience over 35 years and in all market conditions, your property will be in very capable hands when you list, market and sell with Les Mortimer. Read More HERE  

A Recent Testimonial


Les Mortimer consistently displayed an exemplary level of punctuality, ensuring he was always prompt for all scheduled meetings and property viewings. What truly set Les apart was his unwavering commitment to thorough preparation. In each interaction, he demonstrated a meticulous approach. This commitment not only saved time but also showcased Les's dedication to providing an in-depth and informed service. Les's communication skills were outstanding. He conveyed information with clarity, promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had. This open line of communication not only facilitated a positive working relationship but also ensured that I felt consistently well-informed and supported throughout the entire transaction. Even when confronted with unexpected challenges, Les remained unflappable, handling situations with remarkable grace. His ability to adapt to changing circumstances and navigate potential hurdles showcased a high level of professionalism, providing reassurance that I was in capable hands throughout the entire process. In summary, Les Mortimer's professionalism transcended mere surface-level attributes. From his unwavering punctuality, thorough preparation, and clear communication to his integrity and adaptability, Les exceeded expectations. This comprehensive approach created a positive and trusting client-salesperson relationship that surpassed typical experiences. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Les Mortimer for your next property transaction; his exceptional qualities and commitment make him an outstanding professional in the real estate industry.


Review submitted by Jacob (Vendor) on 12 Jan 2024



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